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MBA Recognizes New Owners of Moorestown Deli & Catering

Aug 16, 2017 -

Moorestown Deli Photo

Next time you need to stock up the fridge, check out the new fare available at Moorestown Deli & Catering instead of facing the crowds and lines at the grocery store. Now under new ownership and management, this vintage Moorestown food outlet has transformed into a scratch kitchen that not only offers freshly prepared foods, it features gluten-free options that are hard to find elsewhere. New owners Mark Schweitzer and Stephanie Kenney have considerably broadened the menu while retaining the standards that customers can’t do without. Moorestown Business Association is pleased to recognize Mark, Stephanie and their crew as they serve up the next phase of one of Moorestown’s institutions, providing the township with another great “Moorestown Option.”

After managing the kitchens of two gourmet markets in Monmouth and Middlesex Counties as well as his uncle’s deli, Mark wanted to branch out on his own. Seeking a location in a small town where community and history set the tone, he was excited when he found out Moorestown Deli was for sale. Once he and Stephanie became owners, they set out to revamp the market, which has had the name Moorestown Deli for over 25 years and before that it was a popular eatery called Gus’s. Tucked into the back of the shopping section that faces the new municipal parking lot, the deli is conveniently located and offers many items not available anywhere else in town. Moorestown Deli’s new hours are Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Instead of using a cold cuts supplier, Mark cooks all the deli meats himself, using a homemade seasoning mixes and marinades. Hamburger meat is ground on the premises, several sausage varieties are created daily, and about ten freshly made deli salads tossed with homemade salad dressings are always available. The marinara sauce is made from scratch, as are the soups and daily dessert items like brownies, cookies and cupcakes. Breakfast includes omelets, sandwiches, French toast and pancakes; a range of hot and cold deli sandwiches are featured with side dishes at lunch, and dinner items include chicken parmigiana and meatballs. The meatballs are one of several delicious gluten-free options at the deli that have attracted a new and loyal customer base. The bread is baked on the premises and it is also for sale by the loaf. Seven organic spice mixtures are made on site and are sold separately, including “better than Old Bay” Shore Rub, Citrus Fusion, and Fiery Finishing Spice. The deli case includes a savory selection of imported cheeses, cured meats, and olives, along with Mark’s popular bite-size peppers filled with a combination of cream cheese, garlic, parsley and shaved sharp provolone. Everything is prepared in small batches to maximize freshness. In addition to serving walk-in customers, the deli offers a complete catering service. “Whatever anyone wants, we can make it here,” Mark proudly explains.

To orchestrate this daily output, Mark and Stephanie completely revamped the existing kitchen. They removed a brick wall and added all stainless equipment and counters, a grill, freezer, sandwich station, sausage stuffer, a mixer/grinder and ovens. Mark and Stephanie work there daily with staff members and friends Charles Vanselous and Christina Kraenbring. Along with the considerable effort the team puts into preparing food, they want to also ensure a great customer experience. “We like the sense of community here, and are doing our best to get to know everyone who comes into the deli and finding out what they like,” notes Mark. “This is what we love to do.”

Photo l. to r.: MBA Vice-President Kathy Hiltner, Moorestown Deli & Catering owner Mark Schweitzer, and MBA President Steven Pazienza. Photo: Tom Sheckels

Website: http://moorestowndeli.net

Horizon Connect Receives MBA Spotlight Award

Jul 16, 2017 -



Horizon Connect Receives MBA Spotlight Award

The Retail Insurance Center is Cited for its

Spirit of Partnership with the Community

MOORESTOWN— In 2011, Horizon Blue Cross of New Jersey charged a task force to find the best place to launch a retail center in order to directly serve the public. After months of research, the team chose Moorestown’s East Gate Square to open Horizon Connect, designed to be a friendly and comfortable resource for people to learn about insurance in today’s complicated market and navigate their health care options. Another goal for the center was to become a vested partner in the community it calls home by offering a free space for non-profit organizations to hold meetings and social gatherings, and to host a variety of free wellness forums to provide the public with better health information.

Patricia Slocum, who was on the task force and went on to become the center’s retail manager, said they didn’t really know if the concept was going to work, but they believed they were filling a need for the public. She was right. Once they opened their doors, the center drew a steady flow of people looking for personal assistance with their insurance in a friendly atmosphere. The center also regularly presents free health-related events that are open to the public, such as Family Health & Wellness Day, Senior Day, Women’s Health Day and many others. Their next scheduled event is a Health Screenings Fair on Saturday, Sept. 30.

The center’s hospitality toward community non-profits has been of great value to these organizations. Along with health-related groups such as the Alzheimer’s Association and cancer organizations, as well as chambers of commerce and other community based non-profits, Horizon Connect has hosted many local arts-related groups with the philosophy that the arts help create a healthy environment. The center has been the scene of musical events, plays, dinner parties, and family arts projects.

Visitors to the center are treated to a brightly-colored, beautifully designed space that is inviting and comfortable.  Those seeking assistance with health insurance are greeted by members of an expert team who can skillfully explain all areas of insurance plans. “Health care has become a retail environment,” explains Slocum. “People need to be educated about how to plan ahead and to shop for what best suits their needs.” She stresses that the information people get at the center is presented one-on-one in a way that laypeople can understand, instead of having to decipher complicated documents. In addition to tailoring health-care plans for new customers, the center is the perfect place to get answers about benefits and serves as a “resolution arena” if there are problems with a claim. 'It's the only place in New Jersey where you can get face to face, one on one help for all your health insurance questions,' notes Slocum. This warm, personal approach has been the foundation of the center’s success. Ninety percent of those who come to the center are repeat clients.

Moorestown Business Association developed its Spotlight Award program in 2016 to recognize local businesses that go above and beyond to enhance the township through a variety of means, including providing a unique service, and spearheading civic service. The board is delighted to present Horizon Connect with an MBA Spotlight Award for its spirit of partnership with the community, and for choosing Moorestown as its flagship business location.

Photo l. to r.: MBA President Steven Pazienza, Horizon Connect Retail Manager Patricia Slocum, and MBA Vice-President Kathy Hiltner. Photo: Tom Sheckels


Abandoned Luncheonette receives MBA Spotlight Award

Jun 13, 2017 -


Abandoned Luncheonette Adds a Fresh and Fun Option
for Shopping and Dining in Moorestown

Since Moorestown’s founding, a broad range of commercial creativity has strengthened the township and helped forge its unique personality. One of the newest ventures in our distinctive community is Abandoned Luncheonette, an authentic and charming café, music outlet, and vintage shop that adds an extra dimension to what Moorestown has to offer. Moorestown Business Association is delighted to recognize owners Dave Khanlian and Jen Hilinski and their unique and genuine enterprise for their contribution to the vitality of the township.

Owning a business wasn’t really on the Moorestown couple’s radar since both are education professionals with meaningful careers—Dave just celebrated his twentieth year as a fourth grade teacher at Kirby’s Mill School in Medford, and Jen is a student assistance counselor for the Maple Shade and Lindenwold school districts. But the “for sale” sign on the empty café at Third and Mill Streets caught their eye, and they began to explore the idea of buying it and turning it into a neighborhood spot where Dave could broaden his avocation for selling and trading interesting and rare music albums and CDs and other vintage items.

Further investigation into the property revealed that, due to its zoning status, it had to remain a food outlet if used commercially. What might have been a drawback instead inspired Jen to add her excellent cooking skills to the project. The price was right and they decided to purchase the building in July, 2016.  “We took it upon ourselves to create the kind of place we wanted to see in our town,” explains Dave, who grew up in Moorestown and also organizes and hosts house concerts with the same goal.

Dave and Jen decided to call their venture Abandoned Luncheonette for what might seem like an obvious reason, but music lovers will remember that is also the name of the second album by Hall and Oates, which happens to be the first group Dave ever saw in concert. Dave set about curating the items for sale at the store while Jen took the necessary commercial food courses to open a public restaurant.  After almost a year, they have honed a niche business that draws a loyal local crowd as well as people from other towns who are looking for vegetarian fare, to add to or sell their music collections, or to browse the eclectic repurposed and vintage items Dave has assembled.

Visitors are treated to a countertop piled with amazing baked goods, such as salted tahini chocolate chip cookies and vegan figgy shortbreads, and a chalkboard menu that features enticing daily specials. Depending on the time of day and season, the kitchen offers a variety of items that include “Prana Bowls” filled with items like raw or roasted veggies, brown rice, greens, and chick peas; avocado or tahini toast; sweet potato stout chili; soups, including carrot ginger and chilled asparagus; salads with homemade lemon-tahini dressing; and warm oats with sumptuous toppings. Jen’s outstanding homemade granola is always available, and customers who love the Philly Fair Trade coffee or East Indies Tea (from Lebanon, PA) served at the café can also buy it by the pound to take home.

Jen bakes with heritage, non-GMO flour from Castle Valley Mill in Doylestown and is committed to sourcing local and organic ingredients whenever possible. There are several tables and counter seating where folks can relax and enjoy their food, but takeout is also popular. On Thursday evenings, Jen puts together a to-go package for two that consists of a soup, salad, and treats for $24. The couple set out to emphasize the green component throughout this venture, and all takeout containers are recyclable materials. Metal straws are used for beverages served in the café and are also for sale.

In addition to their education careers, Jen and Dave are busy raising sons Stanley and Bruce and volunteering in town—all of which limits the hours Abandoned Luncheonette can be open. But the couple’s commercial venture in Moorestown offers them an outlet to be autonomous and creative, and the enticing challenge of an ongoing project. “Having a place in our neighborhood where we want to be and that is welcoming for people to come was important to us. We are committed to great food and music, and to our community.” During the school year, Abandoned Luncheonette is open on Thursday evenings from 5-8 and Saturdays from 9-3. This July, the hours will expand on Thursdays to 11-8 and Fridays will be added from 11-2. Menus for the day are posted on Facebook and Instagram (and the front door), and those interested can also be added to an email list by contacting abandonedmoorestown@gmail.com. Don’t miss this township treasure!

Photo l. to r.: MBA President Steven Pazienza, Jen Hilinski, Dave Khanlian, and MBA Vice-President Kathy Hiltner. Photo: Bill Kaisla


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