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40th Annual Moorestown Day

Jun 04, 2016 -



Moorestown Auto Body & Car Care earns MBA Spotlight Award

May 17, 2016 -



Moorestown Auto Body & Car Care

earns MBA spotlight award for making others shine


You might hope you won’t have to visit Moorestown Auto Body & Car Care, a Lenola district anchor business that has provided expert automobile body repair and reconstruction for decades. But when the need arises, customers are grateful for the proficiency and attention to detail they receive in the hands of Craig Dennin and his staff. Cars that arrive with severe damage from wrecks, or even the scrapes and scratches from parking lot encounters, leave Moorestown Auto Body showroom ready.

Dennin’s company is known for fair pricing, exceptional work, and not adding anything to the job that isn’t necessary, “If they don’t need it, I don’t sell it,” he explains. Top insurance companies list it as a preferred repair resource, and the dedicated office staff eases the process of navigating the paperwork.  A number of Dennin’s customers come in for “re-repairs,” following up on less than satisfactory repair jobs done elsewhere. In recent years, auto body customers who had developed a trust in the company’s workmanship began to ask for other services. Because of these requests, Dennin decided to expand the business—he now also takes care of routine auto mechanical needs, such as oil changes, tune-ups, and brake alignments.

The iconic building on East Camden Avenue started out as an Army barracks structure in Medford that was moved in the 1920s to its current location. In the 1950s it housed a Rambler dealership, and by the 1960s it had become Schaaf’s Auto Body. Craig and his wife Denise, a speech pathologist, bought the business in 2003 and worked to build a reputation of caring and trust that customers have come to expect and recommend to others.

The Dennins devote the same kind of dedication and good will that frame their business towards the philanthropic work they do in the community. Through connections Denise developed by working with clients’ children, in the 1980s the Dennins became involved in HOMH (Hometown Opportunities for Mentally Handicapped), which is dedicated to enriching the lives of people with mental and physical challenges who are above the age of formal schooling. They started a theater troupe within the organization, offering participants (ages 18-60) the opportunity to experience performing on a stage in front of an audience. The plays they produce are all original, and in recent years all written by Craig and Denise after collaborating with the group’s participants.

The Dennins now have leadership roles in the organization, which has broadened its scope to provide access to life-skills training such as computer literacy and has branched out into subgroups offering multiple opportunities in the creative arts. HOMH attracts participants from throughout the tri-county area, and the flagship theater troupe, which has marched in the Mummers and other parades, is still going strong. Their latest show, “The Best Day,” included a reception with WMMR radio DJ Jacky Bam Bam and drew coverage from local media. Through Moorestown Auto Body, the Dennins also contribute to multiple other philanthropic needs in Moorestown each year.

As business leaders providing exceptional customer service and for their ongoing support and participation in enhancing the lives of others in our area, the Dennins and Moorestown Auto Body & Car Care are recipients of a Moorestown Business Association Spotlight Award. The MBA initiated its Spotlight Award program in 2015 to highlight local businesses that are making a positive impact on the community. Business owners and residents are invited to contact the MBA to share information about initiatives they have implemented or businesses they know that have taken measures to improve our community.

Photo: (l. to r., MBA Vice President Steven Pazienza, Moorestown Auto Body & Car Care owner Craig Dennin, and MBA President Don Powell).  Photo credit: Tom Sheckels


Saratoga Benefit Services Presented with MBA Spotlight Award

Mar 30, 2016 -


Amy Webb of Saratoga Benefit Services

presented with MBA spotlight award

MOORESTOWN—If you mention Amy Webb’s name—people will tell you she’s “everywhere.” That’s because the energetic president of Saratoga Benefit Services likes to get involved. A successful Moorestown business owner since 1998, Webb also places a high priority on serving her community and beyond. She is affiliated with non-profit organizations throughout Moorestown and Burlington County, and is the recipient of numerous awards for public service as well as business achievement. In her spare time, she is a USTA-rated tennis player and represents local tennis clubs in competitive matches.

Always active in the community, Webb’s civic involvement seemed to grow exponentially with her business, a benefits services company in which she characteristically offers a high degree of personal service.  Fifteen years ago she was appointed to serve on the Board of Directors for Burlington County College, eventually becoming the first female board chair—a position she held for three years—and is now on the college’s Foundation Board. For this and her commitment to other regional organizations, such as the Burlington County Regional Chamber of Commerce, she was recognized by the Burlington County Advisory Council on Women with an award for public service.

Not long after Webb relocated her business from her home office to the heart of Main Street in Moorestown, she was recruited to join the Moorestown Rotary Club, where she discovered a perfect fit for her desire to have “a hands-on approach to give back to the greater community.” A Rotary member for almost ten years, Webb is the current chairperson of the organization’s Lend a Hand Committee, which focuses on activities and fundraising for groups in need. The committee works both autonomously and in tandem with other non-profits in town and the elsewhere, such as Moorestown Parks & Recreation Department, Live Civilly, Family Services/Twin Oaks, the Lauren Rose Albert Foundation, Mother Matters, and the Tender. Local humanitarian projects have included community clean-ups, food and clothing drives, and assisting elderly residents with projects; and the committee also does outreach in areas surrounding Moorestown.

Webb is slated to become Moorestown Rotary’s president in 2017, becoming the local chapter’s fifth female president since it was founded in 1925. Her caring outlook is also reflected in her business. Aided by staff members Maddie Webb and Kim Pewor, she supports many local causes through Saratoga Benefit Services, which is recognized for creating custom employee-benefits plans with a business philosophy that focuses on the best interests of its clients. The MBA is delighted to recognize Amy Webb as a business leader and community service champion with an ongoing, enthusiastic commitment to improving the lives of others.

The MBA initiated its Spotlight Award program in 2015 to highlight local businesses that are making a positive impact on the community. Business owners and residents are invited to contact the MBA to share information about initiatives they have implemented or businesses they know that have taken measures to improve Moorestown.

Photo: (l. to r., MBA President Don Powell, Maddie Webb, Amy Webb, Kim Pewor, and MBA Vice President Steven Pazienza). Photo credit: Tom Sheckels



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