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Jan 29, 2016 -


MBA Vice President Stephen Pazienza (l.) and President Don Powell (r.) present Tom Sheckels with a plaque commemorating his seven years of service on the Association’s Board of Directors.


There are some big shoes to fill on the Moorestown Business Association Board. After seven years, Tom Sheckels is stepping down to pursue other goals, but not without leaving a positive mark on the organization to which he devoted so much time. The MBA is grateful for the countless hours of hard work that Sheckels put in as a board member, treasurer, and web master, and will continue to benefit from the many improvements he made throughout his tenure.

Sheckels’ work for the MBA came after serving as an environmental engineer for Naval Facilities Engineering for 30 years. His job took him to US Naval bases and facilities throughout the Northeast, determining environmental deficiencies and working with Navy personnel toward solutions for the problems he identified.

When the government initiated the Base Realignment and Closure process, Sheckels’ department was consolidated and he had to make the hard decision in 2005 to relocate his family to Virginia, or remain in the area where his wife Lydia’s career was flourishing. He chose to retire from his engineering position and pursue his passion for photography, but his commitment to improve the world around him stayed intact. With the same brand of dedication he brought to his former job, he turned his eye on Moorestown where he and his wife chose to move in 1981 because of its charm—particularly historic Main Street.

After launching Sheckels Creations Photography in 2006, he joined the Moorestown Business Association and right away began to volunteer for the group by lending his technology skills to help improve and develop content for the organization’s new website. He wanted to become more involved, and in 2007 he ran for and was elected to the board of the organization, embarking on a seven-year term of community leadershi

For the last three years, Sheckels served as Board Treasurer, and contributed his expertise in upgrading and streamlining the organization’s accounting systems. He also became the MBA webmaster, keeping it up-to-date, training other board members, involving social media, and sending out other forms of communication. And there was one other service he performed for the group—whenever there was a need for a high-quality photograph, Sheckels was indisputably the best man for the job. His images have been used on the organization’s website and directories, and served to illustrate articles about the MBA in magazines and newspapers.

Sheckels decided to step down from the MBA board at the end of 2015 so he could spend more time perfecting his photography, a hobby he has cultivated since childhood when he snapped pictures with his Brownie Instamatic and developed the film himself in his father’s darkroom. After college and a stint in the Navy, the advent of digital photography rekindled his interest in the medium and he began to seriously pursue this avocation, specializing in panoramic shots. Dynamic photos of Moorestown, as well as journeys to Antarctica, Africa, Alaska and other stunning locales around the world, are featured on his website www.sheckelscreations.com.

Although no longer on the board, Sheckels remains a dedicated member of the MBA—and has spent time helping new board members transition into their positions. At the year-end MBA luncheon in December, 2015, Association President Don Powell presented Sheckels with a plaque commemorating his years of service, and said “The MBA and I personally will sincerely miss Tom's guidance and steady hand. As the MBA has grown, Tom has been Instrumental in making necessary upgrades and changes but more importantly providing a structure around which that growth could evolve. His quiet, steady council has been wonderful and will be sorely missed. I wish him only the best and am grateful for his friendship and service to the MBA.'


Spotlight Award goes to Moorestown Hardware!

Dec 17, 2015 -


Ask most Moorestown residents to name a place that signifies the spirit and personality of the town, and many will list Moorestown Hardware—the beloved general store-style hardware supply nestled in the heart of the township in a historic building on Mill Street.

A visit to the store is like stepping back in time to the kind of friendly place where you can find just about anything, get answers to questions, and feel genuinely welcome.

Owners Pete and Julie Bender don’t see their store as a competitor to “big box” hardware merchandizers—those outlets serve their purpose. Instead, the Benders seek to be the home-town source for countless indispensable items in a place that is reliably helpful, convenient and just plain fun to visit.

Old fashioned music and an old TV set with a loop of vintage shows add nostalgic atmosphere while customers browse aisles loaded with modern merchandise stacked on wooden flooring laid in 1879.

Everything from tools to light bulbs, lawn and snow equipment to birdseed, lighting supplies to air filters are available—or you can run in to get a key made, an item repaired, or buy a jar of specialty pickles and a pocketful of the counter candy.

The charm and dependable service and selection are enough to set the store apart, but Moorestown Hardware goes beyond being a great small business in Moorestown.

The owners are also committed to using their store as a source for good in the community, and continuously donate resources and assistance to the township and non-profits throughout Moorestown.

It is this commitment to the community that has earned Moorestown Hardware a Spotlight Award from Moorestown Business Association.

Both of the Benders grew up in Moorestown, and returned after starting careers in retail management to raise their family here.

They have made it a point to connect with and support a variety of community organizations and initiatives, including dozens of youth athletic leagues, local churches, holiday parades, the Nipper Program, and township organizations such as Sustainable Moorestown and the Moorestown Community House, to which it donates all the lights for the annual Holiday Tree Lighting. After November’s fire at Moorestown Community House, Moorestown Hardware set up donation jars on its counters and also contributed 10 percent of their profits from the recent Small Business Saturday toward the restoration of the center. They also supply the luminaries for Moorestown’s Candlelight Night, adding a festive glow to the winter holiday event enjoyed by almost everyone in town. In addition, Moorestown Hardware is the place residents can go to recycle batteries and old Christmas lights, and serves as a repository for worn American flags. Gestures like these reflect the philosophy behind the way the Benders run their business and the value they place on the being a part of a community in which, notes Pete Bender, there is an “undercurrent of fellowship” that binds the town. This mindset is carried out each day in the store, where the Benders and their staff make every attempt to connect with customers on a personal level and offer solutions to their problems. “We are lucky to have the opportunity to touch people in a positive way every day—it’s a privilege to be a part of their lives,” explain the owners. And Moorestown residents are fortunate to have the Benders and Moorestown Hardware in their midst. The MBA initiated its Spotlight program as a means to highlight local businesses that are making a positive impact on the community Business owners and residents are invited to contact the MBA to share information about initiatives they have taken or businesses they know that have taken measures to improve Moorestown. Photo (L to R): Pete Bender, Julie Bender, MBA Vice President Steven Pazienza, and MBA President Don Powell in Moorestown Hardware Store. Photo credit: Tom Sheckels.


Main Street Merchants Holiday Stroll

Dec 03, 2015 -



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